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Imperius Group GmbH S.R.L. – trading

The company Imperius Group GmbH S.R.L. – trading is on the one hand a trading company and on the other hand a consulting company.

Investment Consulting

Thanks to our international partners and experts, we have access to unique, mostly non-public investment projects that have been specially selected and checked by us.

From simple apartment buildings / hotels to large-scale tourism and commercial projects to urban district projects as well as in the field of innovative technical plant and mechanical engineering in the order of 1 million to billions of euros.

By our respective experts, investment projects are subject-specific, professionally and economically examined, prepared and the entire process of the investment is accompanied.

Investment consulting subject areas

  • bio chare technology
  • Ecological energy generation: focused on:
  • vertical agri-PV and vertical PV fence systems
  • ecological electricity storage and grid stabilization system
  • PV power optimizing (quantum technology)
  • Plant construction & mechanical engineering: focused on novel innovative technologies
  • Future-oriented technologies
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate: retail parks, office centers, medical centers, warehouses, mining rights, commercial and industry area, etc.
  • Tourism real estate: Hotels (city / tourist area winter – summer), apartment complexes, hotel resorts
  • Direct investments in existing companies: (complete takeover or company shares)

What do we offer for investors?

We offer a mixed international portfolio of investment opportunities in a wide variety of subject areas as well as volumes with the respective specialist advice and support throughout the entire process.

What are we looking for, what do we offer for projectors?

Investment projects that fit into our portfolio and have not yet been publicly advertised. Strategic preparation of the entire investment opportunity and the in-depth commercialisation via our international networks.

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