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cheap saw hard firewood resulting lengths oak



cheap saw hard firewood resulting lengths oak


• different lengths depending on the fit

• 0.85 RM (room meter) • moisture content approx. 8.5-10% (approx. 3 trucks) the rest approx. 10-20%

• From sustainable Croatian forestry

Delivery only from 1x semi-trailer 50-55 pallets (42.5-46.75 Rm / truck)

Price ex works Slavonia: 45 € / pallet (52.94 € / rm) excl. 13% VAT

Price free Salzburg city (storage space): 59.33 € / pallet (69.80 € / rm) incl. 13% VAT.

Minimum purchase: 1x pallet free storage space or 1 truck free house (depending on the distance 1.29 € / km freight rate excl. VAT

Delivery of entire trucks throughout Europe possible on request (1x semi-trailer 50-55 pallets 42.5-46.75 Rm / truck)

Delivery of small quantities in the state of Salzburg (min. 2x pallets) for an additional charge: Salzburg Stadt + Anif, Niederalm, Hallein area, Grödig, Wals, etc. from 8 pallets is it possible in a larger radius if there is a lifter!)

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